Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Penetration Testing Video Series by AmIRootYet [Pranshu]

Written by Pranshu Bajpai | Twitter | LinkedIn

As of November 2017, I have started posting a series of videos detailing and demonstrating several penetration testing concepts on a YouTube channel here:

The purpose of this channel is to foster a deeper understanding of security concepts and, more importantly, how hackers operate. To beat the enemy, it is crucial to comprehend how they operate. Knowing the adversary is our best defense.

The format of the videos will be a demonstration of a security concept on Kali Linux, that is, a practical lab scenario. I will explain as much as I can in the short videos but at this point I will assume that visitors will do background reading on the theory behind my demonstrations on their own. In future, if time permits, I might include some theory videos as well.

Please subscribe, like, and comment on the channel to show your support. Pursuing a doctoral degree in computer science keeps me very busy and this support encourages me to keep posting regularly despite my busy schedule.

Thank you!

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