Tuesday, January 22, 2019

KringleCon | Python Escape from LA | CTF Challenge Solution

Written by Pranshu Bajpai | Twitter | LinkedIn

Python Escape from LA

This challenge is about breaking out of a restricted shell to execute a program that resides in the directory. In this case, we are provided a Python shell but we cannot import any modules that would let us perform advanced tasks such as executing a binary. The administrators have tried to ensure this by implementing what looks like a blacklist of words such as 'import' and 'exec'.

Playing around with the possibilities, we see that while print("import") would trigger the block on the word 'import', we can get around it the block with print("im" + "port") as shown above.

We know that 'import' and 'exec' are blacklisted, but 'eval()' is not! So if we can get eval() to import the 'os' module, we can then execute the binary. However, eval() works only on expressions but 'import' is a statement. So in order to counter this, we can try __import__ ("os")

We can see that we are now able to successfully import the module os. It is pretty straightforward after this point. The following expression will allow us to execute the binary:

>>> eval('__im'+'port__ ("os")').system('./i_escaped')

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