Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Quick Github Tutorial For Beginners | Using Git In Linux | Kali Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, Backtrack | How To

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This is not meant to be an exhaustive tutorial. This does not discuss the concepts of Git that you should know (like working directory, staging area, head). This is a very quick demonstration of how to get started.

Quick Github Tutorial Or How To use Git in Linux

1. Visit Github

2. Make an Account.

3. Create a New Repository (of your current coding project)

4. Initial Git Setup (in your Terminal):

#git config --global "lifeofpentester"
#git config --global ""
#git config --global credential.helper cache

If you use a Proxy Server to connect to the Internet:
#git config --global http.proxy http://user:pass@proxyserver:port

After you've configured the git global settings, you can check them:

#git config --list 

4. In your Terminal:

Navigate to the folder where your current project files reside and:

#git init
#git add .                                                                              #to add all files


#git add                                                           #to add a particular file


#git add '*.py'                                                                      #to add all files of a specific type

#git commit -m "Initial Commit"
 #git status

Now, we need to 'push' these changes to the remote location:

#git remote add origin
#git push -u origin master

Note: You might come across the error that says 'Fatal: remote origin already exists'. In this case, you need to remove that origin first. For this, you can use the following command:
#git remote rm origin
Fire up your browser and goto and login

Under profile, click 'Repos' and visit the repository.

If you have done it all right this Repo will now reflect the "pushed" files


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