Friday, March 29, 2013

How to Remove Content or Icons from Top Panel in Kali Linux / Ubuntu / Debian

Seems like a little thing, but it is frustrating because after you add stuff to your top panel, right-click (or anything else) doesn't work when you want to remove them after a while.  So this is how it works

win key + alt + Right-click on icon you want to remove

Click "Remove from Panel"

Update: Some readers have told me that only 'Alt + Right click' also works. Thanks!


  1. THANK YOU!!!

    It's almost as though they actively tried to make that menu impossible to find.

  2. THANK YOU!!!!!!

  3. alt + "Right Click" if you are running this on a mac through parallels

  4. gee, i remember why i hate gnome all over again.

    sick 'em linus!

    *goes back to xfce*

  5. Thank you sir.. and I found out that you just have to use ALT key then right click on the icon..

  6. thank yaaa..
    i ithink its a big probkem.. :P